Types Of Residence Roof Material

Of course, you want a solid roof and strong and able to function properly. For that, the selection of material determining the type of tile roofs should be considered carefully. It also needs to be taken into account is the problem of construction. If the construction is strong and right will create a sense of security for the owner and the best thing to make it possible is by calling Roof Doctors LLC because they are the best professional roofers in Nashville.

There are many types of design and construction for the roof of the house. Some are modern and some conventional designs. Below we explain some types of materials for roofs, among others:
– Metal roof tiles – The shape of the piece, resembling a zinc material. The tile is planted in the beams of the roof using screws. The available sizes vary, 60-120cm (width), with a thickness of 0.3mm and a length between 1.2-12m.

– Clay roof tiles – Materials for the roof of the first has been widely used in the home. This tile is made of clay and fuel as well as pressed. How to install is not much different from the tile. With the right supervision, feeding this system is very strong wind, heavy rain. Tiles made of clay require order in the installation. Tile can be installed with a certain slope. Tile implemented a system of interlocking and binding or system called interlocking installation.

– Asphalt roofing tiles – Raw material is made from a mixture of asphalt and other chemical elements. There are also other models that are already available on the market. For example, the flat model that relies on multiple board affixed with screws. For the safety of the roof of asphalt material is also glued to the board.

– Glass tile roof – kind of like this applied only to certain parts of the house. If you want sunlight on a certain room or a certain point then you need to use this glass tile.