Definition of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an attempt to promote a brand by using digital media to reach consumers in a timely, personal, and relevant. Type of digital marketing includes many techniques and practices contained in the category of internet marketing. With the dependence of internet marketing without making the field of digital marketing incorporates major elements such as mobile phones, SMS (text messages sent via mobile phones), displaying banner ads and digital outdoor.

Digital marketing helped incorporate psychological factors, humanist, anthropology, and the technologies that will be the new media with a large capacity, interactive, and multimedia. You can learn more by visiting right now. Results of a new era in the form of interaction between producers, market intermediaries and consumers. Digital marketing through being expanded to support the company’s service and engagement from consumers. One of the text messages via mobile phones. This marketing began in the 2000s in some countries such as Europe, North America, and Asia. In 2005 the mobile communication device (cell phone) to form a legitimate marketing worldwide.

Digital marketing involves consumers to search, view, and retrieve information directly from the site or search engine. Consumers play an active role in finding the required information, usually located on a website or websites, blogs, audio streaming, etc.