Front desk ASI has been through four major revisions in last 15 years

Reservations nowadays no longer use the general ledger but have applied are said to be more practical in providing services to the hotel guests. Handling a reservation either by tourists as potential hotel guests as well as a provider of accommodation services today has brought great benefits for both companies. Expectations of the travelers who get a room reservation are in accordance with the order by the time they arrived at the hotel. For hotel careful planning concerning the number of orders in the coming time guarantee the accuracy of the calculation of costs, revenue, and profit. Besides, the needs of tourists can be prepared far in advance so that the tourists will get satisfactory service when they arrive at the hotel and after staying at the hotel.

With the reservation service is professional and courteous we expect prospective guests feel that they will definitely get professional and courteous service, as well as they, I’ve been in hotels. This service will be the best quality and added value customer satisfaction, with the help of hotel software then your job will be easier to manage hotel reservations.