How to Treat Carpets from Pet Stains

When you have a carpet at home, your pet can be the enemy of the carpet. Pets are one of the causes of stains on carpets. Thus, it is important for you to treat your carpets from your pet stains. So, here are some tips on how to do the pet stain removal and treat your carpet from such stains.

–    Sprinkle a mixture of cornstarch on the carpet

Sprinkle evenly a mixture of cornstarch on the carpet, especially on areas with the dirtiest or smelly stains. Let the mixture get into the carpet for an hour. Then, keep children and pets out of the room when the mixture soaks into the carpet. Do not use too much powder so that your vacuum is difficult to handle. Few sprinkles are enough to remove odors and stains lightly.

–    Train pets properly

You need to ensure that dogs, cats or other small animals do not pee on the carpet. If your pet uses a sewage box, put in place that is easily cleaned, such as tile or laminate flooring. If you have to put the box in the carpeted room, put on a rubber mat. This rubber mat will prevent spills the dirt on the carpet.